The Newest Rage in Hair Treatments

$155/hr. + product, dependent on hair length,
thickness and curl pattern/strength.
Hair cut/style inclusive.





My knowledge about and technical expertise in applying the Japanese Hair Straightening and Brazilian Keratin Treatments led me to a wonderful discovery!

The two systems can be combined, leaving the hair straight with a protective keratin coating that seals the ends, adds weight, movement and body. The Japanese system straightens while the Brazilian Keratin System smoothes the hair, eliminates tangles and results in faster drying time.

Upon discovering the compatibility of combining the two systems during 2011, I referred to the duo-treatment as a Combo when explaining the treatment option to my clients. Meanwhile, a Beverly Hills stylist, G-San, made a similar discovery of marrying the Japanese and Brazilian systems. Hence, the term Japzilian was born, a more exotic term for a Combo.

The Japanese Hair Straightening system, aka Thermal Reconditioning stands well as a single treatment as does the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Combined, however, the client gets the best of both worlds resulting in a straight, bodified, swinging, defrizzed mane. The Japzilian treatment takes about the same amount of time, or less, than doing the Japanese Hair Straightening treatment by itself.

I endorse all three options; Japanese Hair Straightening, Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Japzilian. A complimentary consultation is required to determine which treatment will best suit your lifestyle and beauty objectives.

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