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August 18, 2003 LeResh Unlimited (503) 750-2488

PDX Salon 1st in N.W. to offer revolutionary straight “Yuko hair”

Portland, OR — The latest marvel in modern hair science – permanent hair straightening – has finally arrived in the Northwest, after taking Tokyo, London, Paris, and Hollywood by storm.

Thermal reconditioning via the Yuko System, a new Japanese technology patented in the U.S., is now officially available in Oregon at the Lisa Bradford Salon, in the Pearl District (503-295-2195).

Getting “Yuko-ed” takes at least four hours in the salon chair, but the startling process which leaves even the curliest hair stick-straight and silky smooth lasts four to six months, said LeResh, one of two Lisa Bradford stylists trained by Yuko personnel in the remarkable process.

People who previously suffered through the tedious process of 30 minutes every morning coaxing their locks into line with round brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons now simply shampoo, relax, and let Yuko do the rest.

All this overnight glamour isn¹t free, of course, the process of having permanently straight hair costs $400 or more, depending on the original condition of the customer¹s hair, said LeResh. But she adds that her salon is swamped with Yuko converts, because the process has “transformed their lives.”

“People who have wanted truly straight, healthy hair all their lives, are finding the process well worth it,” said LeResh , trained in the process by Yuko¹s official U.S.-base salon personnel from Beverly Hills. “I¹ve got customers who call weeks after their hair has been straightened, just to thank me again,” LeResh marvels.

The Yuko process ‹ invented by Kyoto-based beautician Yuko Yamashita ‹ uses a mild version of a hair “relaxer” to soften and break down the protein bonds which make hair curly. Each quarter-inch section of the relaxed hair is then “locked” in a straight position using a hot flat iron. Collagen- and keratin-rich treatments applied during the process actually leave the hair looking and feeling more smooth and healthy than before.

“People say their hair never looked as shiny, or felt as sleek,” said LeResh. “Everyone is predicting Yuko-ing will become a standard service in the U.S. in the next couple of years. But for now, we (Lisa Bradford) are proud to be the first in the Northwest who have it.”

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