My Journey Through The World of Hair Straightening, By La Leresh

The following is designed to lead you through my odyssey as a Hair Straightening specialist during the past 15 years, filled with satisfaction, joy, accomplishment and dedication. The results have been magical in transforming the hair and lives of my clients, encompassing all genders, cultures and ethnicities. I am honored to have served, and will continue serving, those individuals who desire to transform their locks and lives through the science and art of the following HAIR STRAIGHTENING/HAIR SMOOTHING treatments: JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING/THERMAL RECONDITIONING; BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT/BRAZILIAN KERATIN; and the latest craze, the JAPZILIAN, a brilliant combination of the JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING and BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT/KERATIN treatments.

Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning ( 2003 - 2018, and beyond)


The JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING/THERMAL RECONDITIONING treatment revolutionized the beauty industry during the mid-1990's. Developed and manufactured In Japan, YUKO and LISCIO hair straightening systems hit the U.S. where distribution centers were established, welcomed and thrived .



Brazilian Blowout/ Brazilian Keratin (2009 - 2018, and beyond )


Always on the lookout for new innovations in the beauty industry to benefit my clients, the BRAZILIAN KERATIN TREATMENT, a semi-permanent ,smoothing hair treatment, hit the U.S. market around 2005. After careful research, I decided to provide this service for clients who wanted to eliminate frizz, reduce the "big hair syndrome" and to increase manageability of their locks.

Side benefits included faster drying time, more swing and a glossier finish. Following certification with several BRAZILIAN KERATIN treatments, I opted using the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT KERATIN system, by far superior to its competitors. My clients noticed the difference between Brazilian Blowout and competitive keratin treatments, of course opting for the Brazilian Blowout treatment, hands-down. Unlike the JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING/THERMAL RECONDITIONING SYSTEM that promises stick ­straight hair, the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT KERATIN system promises to improve manageability of hair, leaving a smooth finish while maintaining body to the hair. Providing both the JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING/THERMAL RECONDITIONING and BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT /KERATIN TREATMENTS broadened my client base, changing even more lives.


Japzilian (2010 - 2018 and beyond )


A year into separately providing the JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING/THERMAL RECONDITIONING and BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT/KERATIN treatments, I had an "AH-HA" moment! The creative side of me kicked in when I realized I could combine the two treatments, getting the best out of both worlds: permanently straight hair by applying the JAPANESE system and a smooth, glossier finish via application of the BRAZILIAN KERATIN treatment! All in one service, saving clients hundreds of dollars had the services been provided in separate sessions. For several years, I referred to this service as the 'COMBO', combining the JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING and BRAZILIAN KERATIN treatments, very successfully. THEN, one day I received a phone call from a client, asking if I provided the JAPZILIAN hair straightening service. No, I said, so online I went to research the term JAPZILIAN. It so happened that I was providing the service by another name - "the COMBO".

Meanwhile, another hair straightening expert, G•San, of Joseph Martin Salon , Beverly Hills, also figured out how to marry the JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING/THERMAL RECONDITIONING and BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT/KERATIN treatments coining the name JAPZILIAN, a very clever and appropriate term for such an exotic blend. Out with the COMBO and in with the JAPZILIAN terminology.

As mentioned previously, the JAPZILIAN is an ingenious marriage between the JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING/THERMAL RECONDITIONING and BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT/KERATIN systems. The JAPZILIAN strives to give superior results that neither the JAPANESE HAIR STRAIGHTENING/THERMAL RECONDITIONING or the BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT/KERATIN treatments can do alone.



I plan to continue my odyssey through the WORLD OF HAIR STRAIGHTENING, looking forward to more life-changing innovations in the beauty industry. In order to transform the lives of my clients. Thanks to the innovations in this field during the past 15 years, miracles have occurred in resurrecting frizzy, curly, unruly hair and transforming these wild, unwanted locks into manageable tresses.

I would like to thank my existing and future clients for their support and belief in the services and expertise I provide to enhance their life.

Best Regards ... LeResh Tessiore, Hair Straightening Specialist, Portland Oregon La LeResh @ SOLA, 510 NW 10th Ave., Studio 4 Portland OR 97209 503-750-2488