Brazilian Blowout

I have had the Japanese hair straightening treatment, aka thermal reconditioning, done several times. How is Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment different from the Japanese treatments?

bkt2tThe primary difference is that the Japanese treatment is permanent and the Brazilian treatment is temporary. Japanese thermal reconditioning treatment physiologically changes the hair structure, while Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment simply coats the hair with Keratin protein, adding a faux cuticle layer to each hair strand. This added Keratin layer replaces Keratin lost through chemical and daily abuse to the hair, resulting in healthier, shinier, frizz-free locks.

How do I decide which system is best for me? Japanese hair straightening, aka thermal reconditioning, or Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment?

bkt3tIf you want permanently stick-straight hair, with root touchups approximately every six months, the Japanese straightening is best. Otherwise, the Brazilian Blowout is your best option to eliminate frizz, add shine and maintain a controllable curl pattern. BBO will straighten some hair textures, yet all hair will slowly revert back to the original texture within 3 months after the Keratin coating has worn off.

Therefore, once the Keratin has faded, the entire head of hair needs recoating. A follow-up treatment is recommended to restore the sheen, silkiness and integrity of your hair. Japanese hair straightening, aka thermal reconditioning, permanently changes hair texture requiring that only the regrowth be retreated.

My hair is already damaged and dry due to chemical relaxers and color. Can I still benefit from Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment?

bkt1aYes you can benefit. Brazilian Blowout is compatible with relaxers, straighteners and color treatments, because it is classified as a Smoothing Treatment. Brazilian Blowout seals a natural Keratin protein onto the hair.

It is not considered a chemical treatment, BBO does not break down the hair bonds nor does it restructure the hair. As a result, Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment can be layered over other chemical treatments with no adverse effects.

Where was Brazilian keratin treatment developed?

bkt5a1In rural Brazil, around 1999, it was discovered that certain preservative chemicals seemed to link Keratin to hair, resulting in frizz-free locks that lasted for months. This finding attracted the attention of Brazilian cosmetic manufacturers, who began research, testing and formulating. Since, various Brazilian keratin treatments have been developed with Brazilian Blowout in the lead.

When was Brazilian keratin treatment introduced into the United States?

bkt4aThe original treatment, the Marcia Teixeira Brazilian keratin treatment (, was introduced during 2006, established by M&M International, a family-owned and operated business, headquartered in Delray Brach, Florida. During 2008 Brazilian Blowout emerged as the leading Brazilian keratin treatment provider.

Must I use special cleansing and conditioning products following Brazilian keratin treatment?

12aIt is best to use sodium chloride free and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners to obtain maximum longevity of the treatment. In contrast, products containing sodium chloride and sulfate will quickly erode the Keratin coating from the hair, causing the hair to resort back to its natural texture more quickly.

How long must I wait to shampoo my hair following a Brazilian keratin treatment?

1tThis depends on the smoothing solution used, and the client’s hair type and life style. For example, Marcia Teixeira Brazilian Treatment offers three solution options, the Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment, the Original Brazilian Keratin Treatment and the Extreme Formula. Each solution works best for different hair types and requires a different “waiting period from 1-4 days” for the keratin to “bridge” or bond to the hair.

In contrast Brazilian Blowout, my preferred formulation, enables clients to shampoo 24-hrs. following the treatment.

Are Human Hair Extensions compatible with Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment?

30aAbsolutely! Human Hair Extensions, which are often dry and tangle easily, benefit from the smoothing and defrizzing properties of Brazilian Blowout Treatment.