Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment

$135/hr. + product,
dependent on hair length,
thickness and curl pattern/strength.
Hair cut/style inclusive.





Due to numerous requests for a temporary “straightening” treatment, I am now offering Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment (BBO) in addition to Japanese hair straightening aka thermal reconditioning, a proven permanent hair straightening service.

What is Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment, (BBO) and how does it differ from thermal reconditioning?

BBO is temporary, meaning that the natural curl/wave/frizz of the hair, will slowly revert to its “natural texture” within a three to four month period. Unlike thermal reconditioning, the bonds of the hair have not been permanently altered. Instead, the hair shaft is coated with Keratin, also referred to as a Biopolymer, a natural protein substance that comprises approximately 88% of hair. Keratin is the primary structure building protein in hair and nails.
Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment is universal, suitable for all types of chemically treated hair including; bleached, highlighted, colored, permed, relaxed and previously straightened hair. It is excellent for calming – not permanently straightening – curly, frizzy, damaged, dull, lifeless or mistreated hair.

Brazilian Blowout is considered a replenishing/smoothing treatment that reconditions, coats, softens and silkens hair. With Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment, Keratin is sealed into the hair, through the heat and compression of a flat iron, creating a durable cuticle layer. In contrast, Thermal Reconditioning permanently realigns the bonds of the hair through the heat and compression of a flat iron.

BBO can take as little as 2 hours, cost starting at $250. Comparatively, thermal reconditioning will take an average of 4 hours, cost starting at $520. Both treatment fee structures are based on time requirements.

I highly recommend Brazilian Blowout for all hair types to temporarily calm, defrizz and recondition hair that has undergone damage from previous chemical treatments. Brazilian Blowout is recommended for clients who would like to experience a temporary calming of curl and/or frizz, and who don't desire permanent thermal reconditioning treatment. BBO will impart definition and shine to existing curl patterns and add a Keratin protective coating on virgin hair. Combined, both treatment options address a broad range of client needs.

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